Claudio's Garden

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Claudio's Garden


An Eco-Community Beside the River Wandle Created by Claudio Funari
Bill Mudge
Photography: Bill Mudge
Series Editor: Bill Mudge
Published July 2017
ISBN  978-1-910578-53-7
A6 Size,
16 printed pages,
Wandling Chapbook 1

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All proceeds from the sale of this chapbook go to funding the upkeep of the Community Garden, managed by Claudio Funari. You can visit the garden and donate plants, and Claudio always appreciates any time you can offer with maintaining and developing the garden. The garden location is here

Alongside the River Wandle in Hackbridge, South London you'll find a new eco-community is staring to grow. The London Borough of Sutton have a long term plan to make Hackbridge the "UK's first truly sustainable suburb" but it has been the work of one man that has galvanised the local people in the past 12 months. Claudio Funari arrived in Hackbridge just a year ago and in that time he has transformed a forgotten triangle of land into a space where people meet, children play and nature flourishes once again. He has created sculptures from debris cleaned out of the river and nurtures plants donated to the garden by local residents. 

This passion for the environment and for social cohesion has motivated Claudio Funari to create the Community Garden at Hackbridge. Funari says he feels very much at home in South London, "I've travelled across the world and have found a community that accepts me, has welcomed me and I want to give them something back, a garden that can flourish and inspire future generations".